Oticon Opn Play™

Oticon Opn Play redefines
child-friendly hearing care

Oticon Opn Play is powered by the new, revolutionary Velox S™ platform, and it unleashes the full potential of the open sound paradigm. Oticon Opn Play represents a whole new way for children to hear sounds, providing better conditions to meet developmental needs and the day-to-day challenges of growing up.

Let every child open up to the world

With access to 360° sound from the sound environment, Oticon Opn Play helps children of all ages open up to the world.

Oticon Opn Play allows children to receive prescribed gain without the risk of feedback* – taking speech understanding to an even higher level.

Oticon Opn Play represents a breakthrough in paediatric hearing care that has never been possible - until now.

* For prescribed fittings, according to best practice.

Children live and learn in a beautifully chaotic world

Children’s brains are like sponges, and they are continually soaking up information. Being able to make sense of sound is crucial to the way children develop and learn from the world around them.

Learning new words in noise is challenging for children whether they have a hearing loss or not. Children with hearing loss have a further disadvantage as the brain receives only parts of the speech signal – and this may be distorted. They may find it far more difficult to distinguish speech from noise compared to children with normal hearing.

Learning new words is related to the quality of the auditory signal. Studies show that word learning is supported by better noise reduction schemes and extended bandwidth.

A breakthrough in paediatric
hearing care

Oticon Opn Play is not just a new hearing aid. It’s a break with traditional technology and it gives children access to a rich, balanced soundscape.

Oticon Opn Play takes speech understanding to a new level, also in complex listening environments. In this way, it supports incidental learning by allowing access to multiple speakers.

From traditional technology to revolutionary open sound

The open sound paradigm experienced with Oticon Opn Play is powered by Oticon’s Velox S platform.
This is paediatric hearing care taken to a new level.

Oticon Opn Play marks the change from listening to the world, to making sense of the world. The groundbreaking innovation provides children with the conditions to grow, thrive, live and learn.

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OpenSound Navigator™ gives 360°
access to sound

OpenSound Navigator is a groundbreaking innovation that lets children enjoy a full, balanced soundscape across simple and complex listening environments – constantly optimizing learning opportunities.

OpenSound Navigator works so quickly and precisely that it can attenuate unwanted noise – even between words in an open soundscape. At ultra-fast speed, it continually rebalances the soundscape while still providing constant access to all relevant sounds and speech.

In this way, Oticon Opn Play makes it easier to choose who to listen to, and what to pay attention to. This is of course a great help to children, whether in school, on the playground or in traffic.

Spatial Sound™ LX ensures a more precise localization of sound which is enabled by an increase in binaural communication capacity of more than 200%.*

Together with Spatial Sound LX , OpenSound Navigator in 3 steps delivers the open sound experience that allows children to differentiate between sounds, locate sounds and listen to the sounds they are curious about or interested in.

* Compared to the Inium Sense platform

  • 1. Analyse

    Scans the full 360° sound environment more than 100 times per second to identify noise and separate it from speech.

  • 2. Balance

    Rapidly reduces the levels of loud noise coming from specific directions, while preserving speech.

  • 3. Noise removal

    Rapidly attenuates remaining diffuse noise, even between individual words.

Up to 25% more speech cues with the OpenSound Optimizer™

You want to give optimal gain to children of all ages. Older children should benefit from the comfort of an open fitting to avoid own voice problems and occlusion, but this is often not possible due to the risk of feedback

Similarly, for younger children, the risk of feedback is present due to small and growing ears. As a result, either sound clarity or audibility are compromised due to reduced gain or comfort from closed fittings.

The new OpenSound Optimizer analyses amplified sound at an astonishing 56,000 times/sec. This way it can detect and prevent feedback even before it occurs. By amplifying speech with up to 6 dB more in an open fitting or enabling more stable gain for a closed fitting, Oticon Opn Play provides the brain with up to 25% more speech cues.*

*Speech intelligibility index. ANSI S3.5

From feedback management to feedback prevention

30 times faster detectors and a patented breaker signal in the OpenSound Optimizer prevent feedback from occuring**

Traditional technologies manipulate the sound signal and reduce gain in order to manage the feedback loop and return to stable gain. The result is not only a discomfort when feedback rises - it also affects the brain’s ability to naturally focus on the surrounding sounds.

At Oticon, we do not accept this compromise. Driven by new, ultra-fast detectors, OpenSound Optimizer can prevent feedback, even before it occurs. By applying a unique feedback breaker signal, Oticon Opn Play delivers up to 6 dB more stable gain, thus preserving audibility and the quality of sound.

** Callaway 2019, Oticon Whitepaper

How OpenSound Optimizer boosts audibility

The power of the OpenSound Optimizer

No anti-feedback system, no detectors: Audible and uncomfortable feedback rises and persists, dramatically reducing speech understanding.

Traditional anti-feedback with slow detectors: With this reactive technology, feedback rises and becomes audible. Utilizing gain reduction and other measures, the hearing aid slowly returns to stability. Audibility, sound quality and speech understanding are compromised.

with ultra-fast detectors: Proactively identifies feedback risk and engages breaker signal in risk areas before feedback builds and affects sound quality. Audibility and speech are preserved.

Up to 30% improved speech understanding

OpenSound Navigator is proven to provide children with improved speech understanding in noise and provides opportunities for incidental learning.

Provides better opportunities for incidental learning

Test results show that OpenSound Navigator offers up to 30% improvement in speech recognition compared to omni-directionality. Whether facing the speaker directly or facing away from the speaker. The same study shows that OpenSound Navigator preserves interfering speech coming from different directions and allows access to multiple talkers. Thereby supporting incidental learning for children.

Open sound experience with less effort

Great results showed that OpenSound Navigator improved speech understanding, compared to omni-directionality across listening conditions by up to 5 dB SNR. Subjectively, the children perceived significantly less effort while listening to speech in noise with OpenSound Navigator activated.

See the clinical studies in detail

Extensive connection capabilities

Oticon Opn Play connects seamlessly with smartphones and tablets and is a Made for iPhone® hearing aid. With the optional ConnectClip it turns into a high-quality headset, giving access to wireless streaming for music, movies, phone calls and more from smartphones, tablets and laptops.

This option is also ideal in challenging environments as it enhances communication with friends or parents where distance or noise are involved. Such as in the classroom, at the playground and when the child is being walked in a stroller.

Empowering accessories

Oticon Opn Play connects to more experiences and learning opportunities with a full range of
easy-to-use solutions.

  • ConnectClip

    The ConnectClip microphone enhances communication with friends, parents or teachers where distance or noise are involved. Such as in the car, at the playground and when the child is being walked in a stroller.

  • Amigo FM

    Hearing the voice of the teacher in noisy classrooms and lecture halls can be a challenge for children and teenagers. Amigo FM is designed to help them overcome the effects of distance and noise, so they can catch as much instruction as possible.

  • ON App

    Oticon ON App

    The app offers a wide range of features that add to the outstanding audiology of Oticon Opn Play. It makes it easy to monitor the battery level and allows children and parents to adjust volume levels of gain, streamed sound and switch between programs, settings and more.

Powered by outstanding BrainHearing™ technology

The features behind paediatric hearing care’s groundbreaking hearing aid.

Oticon’s latest and fastest processing platform – Velox S — unleashes the full potential of the open sound paradigm.
With TwinLink™, it delivers uncompromising binaural information exchange for direct streaming to hearing aids and binaural processing simultaneously.

  • Analyses, balances and attenuates noise to support better speech understanding and learning across environments.

  • Helps children to locate, follow and shift focus to the sounds they need to hear. Including those vital to safety, e.g. in traffic.

  • Gives children up to 6 dB more in an open fitting or enables more stable gain for a closed fitting - without the risk of feedback.

  • Boosts OpenSound Navigator with more support for children when needed.

  • Safeguards the dynamic properties of the speech signal, making it audible, comfortable and clear for children.

  • Helps children hear high frequency sounds like ‘s’ and ‘th’, which are important to speech development.

A full day's power. Every day.

The new miniRITE R offers a state-of-the-art rechargeable lithium-ion solution with a super fast three-hour charging time for a full day of power. No more hassle of handling and replacing batteries every few days.

Learn more about rechargeable hearing aids

Designed to stand up to the test of childhood

Oticon Opn Play offers outstanding hearing care without compromising safety and wellbeing.

Oticon Opn Play hearing aids have been designed with children’s active lives and safety in mind.

Tamper-resistant battery drawer
Essential protection to help keep the battery out of the reach of inquisitive fingers.

Free of allergens
To minimise allergies, we have excluded more than 200 potentially harmful materials including phthalates. Our hearing aids are painted with biocompatible paint and are completely hypoallergenic.

IP68 Certified
Oticon’s IP68-certified intelligent mechanical design includes water, dust and debris barriers. They are able to withstand humidity and varying temperatures.

LED light for complete peace of mind
The LED indicator gives those people caring for and teaching the child visual confirmation that the battery is functioning properly.