Wireless hearing aid accessories

Connecting people’s hearing aids to their lives

Wireless connections to many devices

People with Oticon Bluetooth® hearing aids can connect wirelessly to a wide range of media devices:

  • ConnectClip – Transforms their hearing aids into a wireless headset and it also works as a remote microphone

  • TV Adapter – Streams TV sound directly to hearing aids without affecting the TV volume level

  • Remote Control – Helps people discreetly control their hearing aids

  • Smartphones – Enable music & audio streaming* and use of Oticon ON for hearing aid control

  • Phone Adapter – Connects hearing aids to a landline phone, together with ConnectClip

  • EduMic – Helps people overcome distance and noise: a remote microphone, a telecoil receiver, a media streamer, and a classroom solution – all in one sleek device

* Only Android devices that support Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) (link opens on www.oticon.global) used in combination with ASHA-compatible hearing aids allow for direct streaming. For people with Android devices that don’t support ASHA, and for people with other hearing aids, ConnectClip is needed to stream sound from a smartphone to the hearing aids.

Hands-free communication

Oticon Bluetooth hearing aids ensure the latest in direct streaming capabilities via Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, including hands-free calls via iPhone® and iPad® without the need for an intermediary device.

See the hearing aid compatibility guide

Streaming audio from smartphones to hearing aids

All Oticon Bluetooth hearing aids are Made For iPhone® hearing aids. This means they can be used as high-quality, stereo headphones to stream music, video sound, podcasts, audiobooks etc. directly to the hearing aids from iPhone, iPad®, and iPod touch®. From iPhone and iPad, people can also stream phone calls to their hearing aids.

If your clients have a compatible iPhone or iPad and compatible hearing aids, they can enjoy direct hands-free communication during phone calls – without using ConnectClip. If not, adding ConnectClip helps to capture the user’s voice and enables them to speak hands-free.

See the hearing aid compatibility guide

Clients with Android devices supporting Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) with ASHA-compatible hearing aids can also stream audio directly from their phone to their hearing aids, including phone calls. 

For clients with Android devices that don’t support ASHA or who use other hearing aids, ConnectClip is needed to stream sound from the smartphone to the hearing aids.

See the hearing aid compatibility guide

Hands-free phone calls and wireless audio

Oticon hearing aids can become a wireless headset for any modern smartphones, tablets and computers, using ConnectClip.

ConnectClip streams phone conversations directly to the hearing aids, from practically any mobile phone. It can also connect wirelessly to a laptop or tablet computer for video calls on Skype and other softphones — or for simply playing music and audio. 

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Our hearing aid app – Oticon ON

With Oticon ON, people can control their hearing aids from their mobile phone: adjusting the volume, switching programmes, and checking battery levels.

They can also use an iPhone as a remote microphone, streaming the voice of their conversation partner to their hearing aids.

Oticon ON is also useful to adjust the sound streamed from other devices such as Oticon TV Adapter, ConnectClip or EduMic. Users can reduce unwanted environmental sound for an easier listening experience. They can also fine-tune any streamed audio to suit their personal preferences, using the streaming equalizer feature.

The app also offers exciting possibilities for users to take greater control of their hearing aid usage with the HearingFitness™ feature, and it lets them create their own connections to other devices using the Internet of Things / IFTTT feature.

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Download Oticon ON:

Download Oticon ON app in iTunes Download Oticon ON app in Google Play

Why not try the demo version?

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The availability of some features depends on your mobile device and hearing aid model.

Connecting hearing aids to the Internet of Things

Oticon Bluetooth hearing aids can connect to the Internet of Things via Oticon ON and the IFTTT service.

This lets people choose ways for their hearing aids to interact with other Internet-connected devices and services:

  • When they turn on their hearing aids in the morning, they can trigger their lights, coffee machine, or smart thermostat

  • Their hearing aids can notify them when their battery is low, the laundry is finished, or someone is at the door

With the Internet of Things, the possibilities are almost endless.

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